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Immigration Law

At Calderón Seguin PLC, we are committed to providing quality representation to individuals and business in all facets of immigration law.

Finding the right option requires not only knowledge of constantly evolving U.S. immigration law but also many years of experience in the field.

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The firm of Calderón Seguin PLC is uniquely equipped to represent clients who find themselves at the intersection of criminal and immigration law.

Our attorneys possess expertise in both fields and are able to work together seamlessly to obtain the best result in either type of case.

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Criminal Law

At Calderón Seguin PLC, we understand that being accused of a crime can be the one of the most stressful ordeals of a person’s life.

We work tirelessly to defend those accused of crimes to ensure that their constitutional rights are respected every step along the way.

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Family Law

The attorneys within Calderon Seguin PLC’s family law diligently prepare each case according to the goals of each client.

Whether your case involves aggressively litigating support or dividing complicated marital assets after a divorce, our compassionate attorneys  have the ability and knowledge to help clients through these difficult times.

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