What is Crimmigration?

What is this? Crimmigration is the complicated intersection where criminal law meets immigration law. The firm of Calderón Seguin PLC is uniquely equipped to represent clients who find themselves at that intersection because we know and understand that a criminal charge can lead to denial of status by USCIS, problems at the airport with CBP, detention by ICE and even deportation.

When non citizens are facing criminal charges, it is essential that they understand the potential immigration consequences in order to protect their future here in the U.S. Armed with proven experience in both fields, the attorneys at Calderon Seguin, PLC tailor our representation to minimize such future risks. If you are a not a citizen of the United States, our attorneys have the collective knowledge to secure a result in your criminal case that will have the least adverse effect on your immigration status.

In addition to representing non citizens with pending criminal charges, Calderón Seguin PLC also assists clients who discover that a prior conviction is impacting their lives negatively. For example, some convictions can lead to a loss of employment opportunities, voting rights, endangerment of immigration status, and even deportation from the United States.

Our firm has the knowledge and experience to assist clients in finding post conviction solutions. Attorneys at Calderón Seguin PLC have overturned criminal convictions on direct appeal to the Virginia Court of Appeals, successfully vacated convictions through habeas corpus petitions, and obtained pardons from the governor of Virginia for convictions. Whether you need help because you are facing deportation or because you want citizenship, our attorneys know how to guide you to the right legal option.

We routinely handle such post-conviction matters as:

  • Appeals
  • Habeas Corpus Petitions
  • Pardons/Commutation of Sentence’
  • Expungements

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